Services – Mining


Using our Award Winning Lean, Change Management, Technology Adoption and Project Implementation experience, PACE is proud to partner with mining industry leaders and vendors to implement the ideal turn key technology solution that is uniquely designed for your mine. We call these services “Digital Transformation Solutions”, where we transform any of your mining operations into the digital age. From autonomous vehicles to digital underground we are your innovation hub helping you design solutions that perfectly fit your unique organizational, operational and cultural needs.

With decades of mining technology implementation experience, PACE is proud to offer Digital Transformation Solutions.



PACE – Partners in Achieving Change Excellence will work with your frontline leadership, assessing their readiness for change and providing whatever tools, coaching, and guidance they require to help their teams navigate the changing landscape of mining.

Working together, we are helping organizations lead the drive in mining towards new technology adoption, digital transformation, and improved productivity, and return on investment.


Certified LEAN and Change Management consultants that have the ability to train you and members of your staff in the benefits of LEAN process management and how it can help your company with continuous quality improvements, and achieving excellence.

We are very proud to partner with PACE who has provided us with the structure and methods to stay ahead of the competition and keep delivering excellent value to our customers.

Ed Lusk, Atlas Copco